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Playing tennis in the park is an incredible past time, but if you're looking to improve specifics of your game or want an introduction to the sport, let us welcome you wholeheartedly at a Wilmington Tennis private lesson.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a smart option to iron out technique or start off on the right foot. It allows the coach to watch your every swing with laser-eye precision so that your grip, strokes and footwork are all fundamentally sound. The truth is, there are plenty of acceptable ways to hit a tennis ball. But just like every other skill, its easier to learn right the first time than to unlearn incorrect form. Allow our qualified pros to give you some expert advice so that your game can continue to improve in the long run.

Wilmington Tennis offers highly customized private lessons. Our coaches are available to come to your private court (home, condo, or nearby tennis site) to conduct the lesson. Alternatively, you are welcome to arrange a private lesson at one of the clubs we service*.

  1. Select your Coach.
  2. Establish a booking for your first lesson.
  3. Meet your coach, set your goals.
  4. Play. Have Fun! Repeat.

*Clubs may require you to become a member subsequent to the first lesson. Please contact us for further details.

What to bring

Gym clothes
Athletic shoes
Snack (if desired)
Racquet (if owned)



Private, semi-private (two people) and group lessons (three or four people) can be scheduled by phone or email. These lessons are 60 minutes and are charged per person. You can register on a day-to-day basis or purchase a package of lessons, its up to you! All prices are subject to HST.

Single Lesson

                                                             OUR SITE                               YOUR SITE
Private                                                     $50                                           $60
Semi-Private                                          $35                                           $40
Group                                                       $25                                           $30

Package of 4 Lessons

                                                               OUR SITE                               YOUR SITE
Private                                                      $170                                         $230
Semi-Private                                           $120                                         $145
Group                                                        $90                                           $110

Package of 10 Lessons

                                                                OUR SITE                              YOUR SITE
Private                                                     $415                                         $550
Semi-Private                                           $300                                        $340
Group                                                       $200                                        $240

New Since 2014

Unlimited Private OR Semi-Private Lessons                   $1280 / month


Our unlimited package is priced per person and is non-transferable. You are able to take advantage of unlimited private lesson hours throughout an entire month (sorry, no rain day make-ups). Play until you drop!

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After School

Structured tennis is a fun and educational activity that can add variety to an after-school program and physical education curriculum.  Wilmington Tennis runs high quality lessons for Grades 1-6 using progressive tennis principals and equipment in accordance with the most up-to-date curriculum for young players developed by Tennis Canada.

We offer our lessons at elementary schools across the GTA and now in the York region.  Our program is safe, fun and educational. It takes place right outside of the school and/or in the school gymnasium. We appreciate that each school is its own community and we work with every team to ensure that the unique needs of every school are met.

Our after school programs will be starting again in January 2016!

We follow a checklist to track the performances of all players. It helps the coaches and the player to make necessary improvements and it gives you as a parent, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your kid is acquiring new skills in tennis. To see the checklist please click on the following link:

We follow the tennis curriculum developed by Tennis Canada for all our programs. To see the curriculum details please click on the following link:

Summer Camp

We offer a full-day summer camp in partnership with Pine Point Tennis Club. Pine Point has four spectacular clay tennis courts that back onto a spacious park, equipped with an picturesque swimming pool, soccer field, and cozy indoor facility for rain days at the Thistletown Lion’s Club in addition to the clubhouse. At this idyllic facility, campers will enjoy a tennis-focused curriculum lead by the Wilmington Tennis coaching team while also participating in other activities, such as daily swimming (optional), playing team-based games, and off-court drills which support tennis.

Camp runs 9:00am – 4:00pm (early drop off & late pick up available) and please note that lunch is not provided. An additional one time child membership fee ($50) must be paid to Pine Point Tennis Club directly before attending camp. This makes your child a member of the club, which comes with additional benefits including free access to the courts and a key to the club.

Week 8

August 17th – August 21st

$220 + HST (5 days)

Frequently “Buzzed” Questions

What does my child need to bring to tennis?

Wilmington Tennis provides all teaching equipment for after school tennis lessons, including: mini nets, progressive tennis balls and learning aides. We ask that the children be dressed in athletic wear with proper footwear and come prepared with a bottle of water (children love to run, even when not instructed to do so!)


We also ask that you bring a racquet if you have one, but if not, we always have plenty of racquets to lend out each lesson!

How does drop off / pick up work?

Our coaches will co-ordinate with the school to ensure children are escorted safely to the gym for their lesson start time. If your child is old enough to walk to the gym or park location on their own, we ask for confirmation from the parents to allow this. Their coaches will meet them at the designated area of play (i.e. the school gym or park tennis courts).

What should we do if my child is in the school Daycare?

We work hard to co-ordinate with daycare staff at each school. If your child is in daycare at the school, either a daycare worker or one of our coaches will ensure your child gets to the gym. When your child is finished their lesson, they will be taken back to their daycare room to await your regular pick-up.

My child is over 8 years old, but he/she has never played tennis before. What should I do?

We divide lesson groups by age, and within their age group, we divide them again into skill groups. We will never pair a beginner with an intermediate at a young age, as it is so essential children learn the basics of physical literacy before gaining confidence to progress to the next level of play.

Will you be accepting 4 year olds into tennis lessons?

Depending on registration and the number of inquiries, we are more than happy to accommodate 4 year olds into our programming. However, we like to have at least a few kids of this age enrolled, before confirming, as lessons for the little ones are highly customized.

How many kids are in a class?

For the first hour (5-7 years) we accept up to 18 kids for 3 coaches, split into 3 groups of 6. For the second hour (8-12) we accept up to 12 kids, to accommodate for their growth!

Can we switch time slots after already having started lessons?

Yes. Whether your child is showing exceptional skill, or if they are showing that they are having difficulties, we are flexible, as long as there is space available to maintain the 6:1 student to pro ratio.

If I say yes to photos, where are they used?

Photos would be seen on our official website, Facebook, Twitter, showcase slide shows, but never for marketing material. We will always double check if we want to use an especially good photo for wide-scale distribution.

Can I opt out of having my child in any photographs for Wilmington Tennis?

Yes. If you would prefer your child not to be shown in any photographs on behalf of Wilmington Tennis, please send an email to admin@wilmingtontennis.ca expressing this, so we can be sure to accommodate your request.

My child doesn’t attend the school where lessons are held, but can we still enroll?

Initially, we like to give the children attending the school priority registration. Once priority registration time has passed, we allow outside students to enroll in the program.

I’m not sure if my child will like tennis. Can we do a trial lesson?

If we have not filled up the class roster, and there are still spots available, we are happy to allow your child a test run. However, we cannot do so if there are others interested in enrolling, and spaces are limited.

Can we book a time for a lesson at a public court?

Unfortunately no, public courts are open to the public and therefore work on a first-come first-serve basis. We ask that you show up 5-10 minutes prior to your lessons to secure a spot.

What is the difference between “our site” and “your site”?

“Our site” means a club location where Wilmington Tennis is a partner. Our current sites are Pine Point Tennis Club and Albion Gardens Tennis Club.


“Your site” means tennis courts near your location. For example, condo courts and public courts.

What is the difference between “semi-private” and “group” lessons?

Semi Private lessons consist of 2 participants. Group lessons would be 3-6 participants charged at a lower rate. However, it is up to you to create the group.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

Wilmington Tennis will provide tennis balls, mini nets and cones. We ask that you bring our own racquet and come dressed appropriately with proper footwear.

Do you offer Summer Camps?

Yes, we have a robust summer program at Pine Point Tennis Club.

Do you offer March Break Camps?

No, we do not run programs during March Break, however, we are available for private, semi-private and group bookings.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We offer full refunds, however we do charge a $20 admin fee for class dropouts 3 weeks before the start date.

Do you offer a refund for a missed class?

No. We provide a set schedule and unfortunately cannot refund.

Can I request a receipt for my payment?

Yes. Please send us an email and we will respond as quickly as possible with a receipt. You can also access your entire payment history by logging into Mindbody.

Do you accept cheques the day of the lesson?

We prefer that all transactions be done online with a credit card. We do, however, want to be able to meet you half way and offer two options of payment:

  1. Payment Plan – pay online with your credit card in installments, if upfront is inconvenient
  2. Mail a cheque to us – we ask for a month in advance
  3. Cash payment to our office (yes, we still require HST)


67 Taunton Rd.

Toronto, ON

M4S 2P2

Can I just pay the coach at the time of my lesson?

No. In order to ensure that payments are made accurately, we ask that the coaches not be handed any form of payment. All payments should be processed online. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.

For Principals & Parent Council

Tennis is a non-contact sport with many unique benefits to be enjoyed for life. It combines physical, mental, emotional and social development in children, but unfortunately the barriers to entry are high due to the sport’s high cost. Tennis is not typically part of the physical education curriculum, which leaves it out of reach for the majority of children. Wilmington Tennis adds structured tennis programming for your students in Grades 1-6 using a systematic progression of equipment: sponge balls, smaller nets and mini racquets. We follow a Tennis Canada curriculum for young players which can be found here. Our program is fun, safe, and educational.

We provide:

  • $2 million dollars of liability insurance for your school Board

  • Certified, vulnerable-sector screened, enthusiastic coaches

  • Online registration = no extra administration for school office!

  • High quality instruction at a 6:1 student to pro ratio

  • Equipment, including tennis racquets

  • Guidance for low-income families in obtaining subsidies

  • Sponsorship of every 8th student identified by the Principal (when school waives permit fees)

  • Tax receipts for the parents​

We need:           

  • Principal approval (Principal, Phys. Ed, PTA) to use the gym once per week or alternative space

We appreciate that each school is its own community and we will work with your team to meet your unique requirements. We are happy to visit  your school to provide further details, please contact us.

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