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The Promotional Roller-Coaster

June 3, 2015 I have sold things from pillowcases and bath towels to beaded animals and stone hippos. Admittedly, I was not very good at selling any of those things, no matter my interest level, but in the end, I didn’t care all too much. With Wilmington Tennis, my interest level is at its pinnacle, and the amount of effort the team puts into promotion sometimes feels like it falls a little…

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An open letter to Howie Dayton

Written May 25, 2015 Dear Howie, This evening I was biking over to my local coffee shop, at Yonge and Briar Hill, to take care of some bookkeeping for Wilmington Tennis, when I decided to veer off my typical bike route. Something about the warm and windy weather today made me want to stay outside longer. As I turned the corner to cut through Eglinton Park, the giddy cheers of…

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You know Wilmington Tennis, but do you know where the name comes from?

It comes from Wilmington Park, off Wilmington Avenue, in North York, Toronto. This was where Carolynna Gabriel, founder and director of Wilmington Tennis, learned to play. I am not a columnist or a frequent blogger. I am an administrative assistant and absolutely love my job. I also love tennis, the only sport that ever clicked with me since I was a child. Now I work with Carolynna, who has taken…

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