Our Story

Wilmington Tennis is the namesake of Wilmington Avenue, a small street located in the heart of North York.

Our Story

Colour photo of a lonely tree near some empty public tennis courts

Though spanning less than 2 kilometers, this street dissects a broad economic spectrum. At one end you’ll find subsidized housing, at the other an affluent gated community, and in the middle two asphalt tennis courts.

It was on these courts that our Founder Carolynna learned how to play. The harmonious balance of a blended community coming together in sport emboldened a vision which still burns bright at Wilmington Tennis.

Our Mission is to bring a fun and educational tennis experience to every neighbourhood, one fuzzy ball at a time, and break down barriers step by step until everyone who wishes to play is able to.

Our Philosophy & Approach to Business

Wilmington tennis is a social enterprise specializing in programs for beginners. We offer an experience that is both fun and educational, and the magic of what we do begins and ends with our coaches.

At Wilmington Tennis we celebrate our people! We are a diverse and energetic team doing our part to increase involvement for tennis, develop grassroots initiatives at the community level, and deliver top-notch lessons every time we step on court. All of our coaches are certified, vulnerable sector screened, enthusiastic and attentive.

As a result our retention rates are exceptional; letters of recommendation speak for themselves.

Coach Mika and Quinton at a coaching workshop for The Sunshine Project 2014

Our Teaching Method

Colour photo of a child bouncing a tennis ball on his racquet with great concentration

Children (like adults) learn best when they are entertained. So Wilmington Tennis coaches uphold safety, fun and learning, in that order!


Our teaching principles are governed by standards set by Tennis Canada. We encourage players to build on previously acquired skills and nurture a desire to learn and improve further. For our youngest participants we emphasize awareness of body movements and resulting effects. Our older students streamline towards technical skill development, teamwork and strategy.

For adults we customize lessons to meet the needs of the group or individual. Regardless of age, we optimize lessons through a combination of drills and gameplay in order to deliver a superior learning environment.

Please note we are not a high performance incubation centre. If you are looking for a competitive program for your child, reach out to us so that we can help refer you to the best in the business. See you on court!

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